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What to do and see in Sintra

Sintra located at only 8Km from Cascais, and Hotel Cidadela Cascais, is a luxurious enchanted village with natural green landscapes where monuments and palaces seems taken from a fairy tail. All this beauty was rewarded by UNESCO with the World Heritage distinction.

Recently Portugal has elected also its 7 Wonders, and one distinction came once again to the Sintra Village, this time to the romantic palace on the Sintra Mountain: Pena Palace.

This rich heritage allow you to have several options and tourist routes to follow, the Hotel Cidadela Cascais front desk team leaves you with some options, and remain at the entire disposal to help you with your tour.

What to do and see in Sintra

Kings and Queens

Sintra cultural heritage is unique from the several options available, we suggest you to start your tour by the villa: National Palace, Regaleira Palace and Green areas, and end at the Sintra Mountains: Moorish Castle, Monserrate Palace, Pena Palace, Capuchos Monastery. Please get detailed information on the touristic itineraries with Hotel Cidadela Cascais front desk or at the Sintra Tourism Office.

Toy Museum – not only for children

Located in the centre of the Sintra village, at 8Km from Cascais, the Toy Museum has a 40.000 toy collection, live toy restoration space, and a shop where you can find exquisite toys that are not available on any other toy store. Show your children how where the yesterday’s toys: lead soldiers, tin cars, dolls attics, Portuguese handcrafted toys and much more.

Forever green gardens and landscapes

Sintra is the symbol of dream scenarios, extended green areas with unique palaces and man made architectonical pieces. Monserrate Garden is one of this marvellous combination between an old farm (XVIII century) improved over the years into a botanical garden that stands as private garden for the Monserrate Palace. On the other side of Sintra Mountains the Pena Garden, planned by the king D. Fernando to be the surroundings of the Pena Palace, the summer Kings retreat. The Pena Palace is a romantic inspired palace that congregates four art movements, today considered as one of the 7 wonders of Portugal, were visitants can actually see how was the Royal life at the palace, most of the rooms are dressed picturing real life scenarios.

Berardo Art Collection – Sintra Modern Art Museum

Located in the Sintra village, what was the previous Sintra Casino is since 1997 the Sintra Modern Art Museum. This space was created specifically to house Berardo collection of modern and contemporaneous art, with pieces from the beginning of XX century to nowadays. Periodically it is also the stage for other artists to be able to show their work to the general public.